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The Pharmacie Anglo-Française in the heart of the shopping street of Cannes

Pharmacie Anglo-Française
95 rue d'Antibes
06400 CANNES
04 93 38 53 79
04 93 99 31 30
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday
8:30 am to 8pm
Located in the heart of the shopping street of Cannes, Pharmacie Anglo Française and his team welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 20h without interruption.
Coël family was able to make the pharmacy a space of advice and services by surrounding himself with a professional team, which aims to meet your needs both in the field of health, as in those of beauty and well-being. The Pharmacie Anglo-Française has become over the years the benchmark among pharmacies in the region, it also has a national reputation, thanks to the quality and comprehensiveness of the services and products offered, but also and especially through low prices throughout the year, the result of many efforts of its team of buyers.
page_icon.pngSupport your prescriptions 6/7 days!

Your prescriptions are supported by the pharmaceutical team of 9 pharmacists and 10 processors. The pharmaceutical team is there to support you and give you the best health advice.

An area specially dedicated to drugstore

In the drugstore space you will be welcomed by our team of 4 consultants in cosmetics, which give you a warm welcome and accompany you in your beauty course by making you their best tips and tricks. Pharmacy with a large stock, you are sure to find all the products you are looking for: skin cosmetics, diet and nutrition, makeup, babies and moms space, solar products, aromatherapy, hygiene ...

Medical equipment

The Pharmacie Anglo-Française also has a wide selection of medical equipment to rent, do not hesitate to get closer to our pharmacists or our trainers, who will guide and advise you precisely in the difficult choice of the equipment more suitable for you. We let you discover all the related products and information to medical equipment.

Orthopedics and venous contention

Other areas of expertise on which we will accompany you: orthopedics and venous contention. A dedicated area has been specially developed in order to perform field measurements in the best conditions. Indeed, this step is essential to ensure the proper socks constriction force, stockings and tights. If you want to know more, go visit our section orthopedics.

The well-being

The well-being undeniably linked to health, pleasure and harmony with oneself and others is a state we all seek to achieve. Please let us advise you in order to find essential oils that will help you live better the little annoyances of everyday life. Essential oils are used in different ways (diffuser, inhalation, in the bath, massages, cooking ...).

A veterinarian space

Our pets also have a dedicated area where you can find all veterinary products necessary for their health and well-being!

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