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pharmacie à Antibes

Pharmacy near Antibes on the French Riviera

Our Anglo Française pharmacy is committed to your health, thanks to a team of qualified professionals. You will be able to benefit from personalized advice on your medicines and medical devices for a safe use.

In our pharmacy located in the heart of Cannes near Antibes, we offer various services to facilitate your daily life such as a parapharmacy, medical prescriptions as well as the sending of prescriptions and home delivery on our wide range of products and sterile medical devices upon presentation of your health insurance card.

pharmacie à Antibes

What product lines are offered by your pharmacy a few minutes from Antibes?

You will find in our store and on our online catalog our collection dedicated to the care and the beauty. You will be able to find among a wide range of cosmetic brands (laroche-posay, bioderma, Cavailles...) creams, liquid and solid shampoos, micellar water, make-up remover and many other hygiene products.

Products for the skin

For sensitive skins, our doctors of pharmacy and preparers on site will be delighted to advise you on our range of cosmetic products adapted to your skin type. But also on our lotions, serums and moisturizing gels and cream for the eye contour, in order to guarantee you a safe use of our products, validated by the pharmaceutical industry and respectful of your epidermis.

Screening for Covid

During the pandemic, your pharmacy offers you the possibility to make an appointment for vaccination or screening of Covid directly on its website in the Covid tab.

We also offer a wide range of products for the care and well-being of baby and mother. You will be able to find what you are looking for in terms of baby food, to ensure that your baby gets all the benefits he or she needs to grow up healthy and flourish, but also accessories and products for the special moment of bathing.

For the new mother, we have selected a wide variety of products and tablets designed to relieve stress, take care of her body and her skin, but also indispensable accessories such as breastfeeding pads that will relieve the mother.

How to get a tailor-made accompaniment in our pharmacy near Antibes?

Your Anglo Française pharmacy also accompanies you during the summer by offering you sun protection in different forms, with various spf according to your needs.

You can also find our range of self-tanning products and after-sun products on the shelves and in our online catalog. For more information on protection levels and the harmful effects of rays on the skin over the long term, don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice. Moreover, your Anglo Française pharmacy in Cannes also provides you with orthopedic care and equipment. To ensure you the best support in case of trauma of muscles, tendons, ligaments or a joint you will find at the pharmacy a set of splints for knees, ankles and hands as well as lumbar belts and cervical collars to ensure you the best possible follow-up and recovery.

In addition, our pharmacy and our preparers are qualified to take care of different disabilities and pathologies, because we are committed to offering you the possibility to move as freely as possible and in complete safety. Thus, you will find at the pharmacy all the solutions adapted to your handicap, going from the simple cane and the walker, to the most complex wheelchairs to accompany you everywhere.

For home care and hospitalization, your pharmacy coordinates with the health professionals of your choice to ensure the best continuity of care, a methodical follow-up of your prescription and finally a fast delivery of medication.

pharmacie à Cannes
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Discover pharmaceutical products such as homeopathy or aromatherapy.

Your Anglo Française pharmacy in Cannes offers pharmaceutical products such as homeopathy or aromatherapy. Homeopathy consists in treating by using tiny quantities of natural remedies. This alternative medicine, also called "soft medicine", allows to treat many ailments with drugs. Homeopathy is suitable for children as well as adults, for women as well as men, and for the elderly, validated by the pharmaceutical industry. Homeopathy is recommended to treat and prevent certain disorders such as stress, respiratory problems, anxiety, allergies, and gastric disorders. For more information, don't hesitate to ask for advice from health professionals certified by the Order of Pharmacists at your local pharmacy.

What nutritional range does your pharmacy near Antibes offer?

A complete range for nutrition

Nutrition is the process by which our body transforms food to ensure its proper functioning. Our food provides macronutrients and micronutrients. The body gets all the energy it needs to function from sugars, fats and proteins. These three nutrients form the class of Macronutrients.

You can find in our pharmacy all the capsules and medical dispensations you need for your health for internal use. We offer a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids and amino acids. These elements, present in small quantities in food, are essential to all the chemical reactions that your body needs.

Our Anglo Française pharmacy and its certified pharmacy technicians will advise you on how to improve your eating habits and will guide you towards a solution adapted to your needs and morphology.

Products for veterinarians

Our dispensary also thinks about pets. A complete range of veterinary products is available to take care of your pets. We offer you a wide range of products in terms of anti-parasite treatments, materials and accessories, but also food according to the breed, needs and morphology of your animals. In addition, you will find the essentials for first aid: first aid accessories, disinfectant, skin lesion care, anti-bacterial, deworming, vitamins, flea and tick care. Many treatments are available by mouth or by skin. Our team of licensed pharmacists is trained throughout the year to guide you and offer you the best choice for the treatment best suited to the needs of your pet (dogs, cats, birds...). Don't hesitate to ask our pharmacists in the store for more information about dosage.

What are the services offered by your pharmacist near Antibes?

In addition, your city pharmacy offers you new services to make your daily life easier. You can now create online your prescription request, your prescription but also facilitate the delivery of your drugs. Your pharmacy in Cannes is committed to offering you the best prices all year round, the possibility to pay online or directly in the pharmacy, but also the choice to come and pick up your items in the pharmacy after having paid online. All this thanks to our team of qualified pharmacists, who listen to you and are present in the store for an efficient care service from Monday to Saturday. So don't wait any longer and visit us in our city pharmacy or make your choice among our catalog of products, medical equipment and list of various drugs that will surely meet your demand.