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Pharmacy near Grasse on the French Riviera

Looking for a great pharmacy in Grasse which presents a wide choice of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and parapharmacy while offering personalized advice and follow-up by a team of qualified pharmacists who are part of the national order of pharmacists? Do not search anymore, the Pharmacie Anglo Française is the answer.

pharmacy in Grasse

In accordance with the public health code, the Pharmacie Anglo-Française is a pharmacy and drugstore located at 94 rue d ’Antibes To Cannes and relies on a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who will advise you and help find the best product for you. La Pharmacie Anglo-Française is a duty pharmacy selling prescription drugs and non-prescription medical devices. In addition, our city pharmacy allows you to make online purchases, directly from its website thanks to the click & collect option and on delivery, never be without your wipes and dressings again! Indeed, if you are in a hurry, our pharmacy allows you to shop for parapharmacy and health products online, and to collect it directly at the pharmacy, saving travel time. Thanks to the telematic transmission of your prescriptions, obtaining your medicines with medical prescription in click & collect is now possible!

What are the specialties of your pharmacy near Grasse?

Need help with your joint pain?

Our pharmacy in Grasse can advise you on the best orthopedic products among those available on the market, which will guarantee you greater support and help with your movements. Our pharmacist can give you valuable advice in orthopedics, in great demand in our region! In addition, the wide choice of medical equipment available for hire and sale in our pharmacy in Grasse, will allow you to gain freedom of movement and facilitate your convalescence.

Dedicated products for infants

Regarding your infants, the Pharmacie Anglo-Française has a wide choice of pharmaceutical products from the best brands dedicated to the care and well-being of your infants. In our pharmacy a few minutes from Grasse, you will find lotions, shampoos, shower gel dedicated to the little ones, but also the perfect food for their growth, prepared withquality ingredients and premium. This range also includes essential infant equipment such as teats, adapted diapers or toilet waters specially designed for respect baby's skin.

In addition, our pharmacists support you by offering you personalized advice to guide you towards the perfect products for your child. For mothers, we offer a wide choice of vitamin tablets, breastfeeding herbal teas or massage oils, which will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and after.

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Products for your pets

Thanks to the expertise of our pharmacy doctors, you will be able to find the medicines that allow you to take care of the health and well-being of your pets.

Discover alternative medicine in our pharmacy near Grasse

Our Grasse pharmacy also offers support around alternative medicine thanks to our specialization in aromatherapy et homéopathie.

So our range of organic products, from the benefits of plants and the plant world.

Selected by laboratories and tested by professionals in biology and chemistry, our products will be your best ally. Your pharmacy in Grasse offers many organic and eco-responsible brands using the benefits of essential oils such as Weleda, pureessentiel or even Dr Haushka. You will be able to find sanitizing sprays, capsules, natural care for the body and the hair, which will adapt to your needs and desires. These products will allow you to treat sleep and digestion disorders, or to booster your beauty routine and restore your inner balance.

Sports routine and weight loss

Finally, your Pharmacie Anglo-Française de Grasse also supports you in your sports and weight loss routine thanks to our range of food supplements. Parce que la perte de poids et l’énergie reposent avant tout sur une bonne alimentation et hygiène de vie, notre team of pharmacists will be able to advise you and assist you in finding targeted dietary supplements that will adapt to your needs by helping you reconnect with your daily well-being. Our range includes a wide choice of products, ranging from supplements and natural minerals,or to treat vitamin deficiencies, our vitamins are tightly controlled and regulated and should be coupled with proper diet and athletic activity, and cannot be used to skip a meal. We also offer targeted slimming treatments in the same range to support you in your weightloss. Our slimming treatments make it possible to fight effectively against the problems of water retention and skin tightening.

So do not wait any longer and order in line among our catalog, or come directly to the pharmacy to find what will meet your needs.

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